5 Potions w/ Spell Book
5 Potions w/ Spell Book5 Potions w/ Spell Book

Witches Spell Book w/ Potion Bottles (set)


This set includes:
A spell book measuring 7.75″ x 5.5″ x 1.75″ which contains four
spell pages and Five potion bottles measuring 4.25″ tall:

  1) Spider Legs
  2) Vampire Blood
  3) Beetle Juice
  4) Genusant Metesoma
  5) Poison Sumac

*All other items are shown for decorating ideas only and ARE NOT INCLUDED.
*Listed items are not actually in the bottles. Halloween props only.

Each year we create a limited quantity and once they are sold out for the year, that’s it. Almost every design sold out in 2013. So order soon before the one you want is gone.

Please note that each item is individually designed and created by
Evil Soul Studios and may vary ever so slightly from one another.

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