Evil Soul Studios Robert Charles Tombstone Halloween Prop

Sometimes there is no time to say goodbye.
All that is left is the sorrow of the tomorrows that will never come.

This limited edition Robert Charles Tombstone features a single level design.


March 27, 1864
February 10, 1915

No time to say I love you.
No time to wonder why.
No time to say I'm sorry.
No time to say goodbye.

Death Will Never Erase
You From My Heart.

Measures a Large 26″ H X 14″ W X 2.5″ D.

Epitaph is actually engraved into each tombstone, not stenciled.

Created to be as close to true to size as possible for a realistic look. All our polystyrene tombstones come with commercial galvanized steel stands. They are a must have for any true Halloween enthusiast. Be one to own one of these limited edition tombstones. Each year we create a limited quantity and once we sell them out for the year that’s it. Every design SOLD OUT last year so order soon before the one you want is gone.

Please note that each item is individually designed and created by Evil Soul Studios and may vary ever so slightly one from another.

Evil Soul Studios artists spend countless hours custom creating each individual limited edition tombstone just for your haunting pleasure. So please know when you purchase an Evil Soul Studios tombstone. You’re not only purchasing a great Halloween memory, but your also purchasing an exclusive work of art.

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  1. Michael


    This headstone exceeded my expectations. It looks great. It seems durable. The thickness of this gravestone combined with the well-designed stand cause it to be very stable, even in wind, unlike typical store-bought Styrofoam headstones that tip or fall over in light wind.

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