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Evil Soul Studios Graystone Cemetery Entrance Columns Pair

$149.95 $74.95

REJECTED SOULS EACH HAVE MINOR ISSUES THAT MAKE THEM LESS THAN PERFECT. Tilted blocks, tilted caps, repaired chips, faded/pix-elated wording, ect. SOLD AS IS. All our rejected souls are still new, Just slightly flawed.

This set has crooked grout. Images used as sample only.

Transform your Home Sweet Home into a Haunted House with these Lighted Graystone Cemetery Entrance Columns. Includes 36″ of faux black/silver chain so they can be attached together or chain can be removed to allow easy entry. Each measures 36″H x 10″W X 10″D. “Including the lights” Comes to you in a Ash Gray.

Created to be as close to true size as possible for a realistic look without being oversized for shipping. Made from rigid foam and comes with a galvanized steel stand. This is a must have for any true Halloween enthusiast.

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