Evil Soul Studios Mummy Elevated Pedestal Stands set of 2


Take your Halloween display to the next level with our Mummy Elevated Pedestal stands. Each square base supports a square top and creates a striking stage for that something extra spooky. Or use the pedestal base to add a big lift to your Halloween columns or cemetery sign for a over-towering effect.. Anything your haunted imagination can dream up. Comes as a set of two. Each measures 21.5″ H X 13 3/4″ W X 13 3/4″ D. COLUMN PROPS SHOWN ARE FOR DECORATING IDEAS ONLY AND ARE SOLD SEPARATELY.

Created to be as close to true size as possible for a realistic look and are considered OVER-SIZED for shipping. All our rigid foam props come with commercial galvanized steel stands. This is a must have for any true Halloween enthusiast. Each year we create a limited quantity and once they are sold out for the year, that’s it. Every design SOLD OUT last year so order soon before the one you want is gone.
Please note that each item is individually designed and created by
Evil Soul Studios and may vary ever so slightly from one another.

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